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Resources on Alabama Hispanic Population

The Hispanic population in Alabama has grown tremendously over the past 15 years. Here are some resources that discuss numbers and cross-cultural issues in the state.

**Encyclopedia of Alabama: Hispanics and Latinos – University of Alabama
“Hispanics have contributed to Alabama’s recent economic growth in a number of ways. Their labor has helped fuel urban and regional economies since the 1990s and has brought a number of new industrial plants to Alabama. Hispanics have revived the dying business districts of small Alabama towns, boosting rental housing, retail sales, and the used-car market.”

2017 Alabama Kids Count Data Book: “Alabama’s child population shrinks, becomes less white,” – September 18, 2017
“The number of Hispanic children in Alabama is rising faster than any other child demographic group, increasing by more than 200 percent since 2000. Hispanic kids now account for 7.1 percent of Alabama’s child population.”

Immigration transformed this rural Alabama town; the principal fought to keep the school together – – August 8, 2017
“In Kilpatrick, longtime institutions like the Sand Mountain Stockyard and Pack’s Nursery have been joined by businesses like Barrerra Supermarket, Tienda El Nino, and Los Ramos Bakery. Locals nicknamed the area “Little Mexico” or “Little Tijuana” in recent years because of its neighborhoods and mobile home parks that are filled with Hispanic immigrants – 2,000 or more, by some estimates.”

UAB Libraries – Information about Hispanics / Latinos in Alabama
Multiple links to resources and graphics regarding Hispanic population in Alabama

Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama
Nonprofit organization dedicated to the social, civic and economic integration of Hispanic families and individuals in Alabama.

Alabama Office of Minority Health
“Alabama’s Latino population increased by nearly 208% between 1990 and 2000. This was the seventh greatest percentage increase in the Latino population among all 50 states. Alabama’s actual Latino population in 2000 (75, 830) exceeded projected totals developed by the U.S. Census Bureau for the year 2025, by nearly 13,000.”

Pew Hispanic Center’s Demographic Profile of Hispanics in Alabama, 2014
Study shows population totals in all 50 states. This profile is specific to Alabama.